E-learning Registration (YF Learning-Moodle)

In this session I’m going to show you How to register in my elearning (YF Learning). You need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Please visit my personal website on https://www.yuditrafarmana.id/ !
  2. Click on E-Learning!
  3. You’ll be directly brought to YF Learning website.
  4. Choose the course that related to your class! (based on my instruction)
  5. Click on Create New Account! (Since It’s your first time visiting my website)
  6. Fill in all fields of information!
  7. Click on “create my new account”!
  8. There will be notification in your email contains of link activation for your e-learning’s account.
  9. After that, you need to enroll the class/course by using enrollment key (Please contact your chairman or your lecturer in order to get the enrollment key)
  10. Please enjoy the YF-learning! You have to regularly check YF Learning in order to get the update information about the materials and courses.

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