Let’s Learn English Morphology

“Morphology is my subject to teach, I have no idea about the history of Morphology. But One thing that I believe that Morphology consist of 2 words “Morph” and “Logos”. Morph means form or shape while logos means knowledge or science. So we can conclude that Morphology is the study of the structure of words & how words are formed (from morphemes).

Why we have to learn English Morphology? Well, to be honest I also don’t really like studying something related to the Grammar and It’s “descendant” hehe… But I’ve found an interesting liturature that explain the importance of studying morphology. It will be briefly explained below:

Decoding : Readers who recognize morphemes read more quickly and accurately.

Vocabulary : Knowledge of meaning of word parts expands reader’s vocabulary.

Comprehension  : Knowledge of morphemes helps makes meaning from text.

Spelling : Morphemes are units that can be predictably spelled

Well, this time I want to share some books that maybe help you a lot in order to understand about English Morphology. Just want to remind you
You may download the pdf file of this book. But, remember, I don’t own the copyright of this book, and please use it for personal need only not for commercial.

Finally, I would like to say “Happy Learning” and Have a “FUN English”

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