E-Learning Morphology for UMK Students

E-Learning Morphology for UMK Students

Assalamu alaikum. Hi, class.

In order to accomplish our meeting, Every group should make presentation video based on material that they’ve already had. Please upload the video presentation on YouTube when finished and send the link to WowApp group! Don’t forget to send the presentation file (.ppt) as well!

1st Group: Words, dictionaries, and the mental lexicon (Chapter 2)
2nd Group: Lexeme formation: the familiar (Chapter 3)
3rd Group: Productivity and creativity (Chapter 4)
4th Group: Lexeme formation: further afield (Chapter 5)
5th Group: Inflection (Chapter 6)

Note: Only for the groups who haven’t presented their materials

Any questions or further information, feel free to contact me at 087880888787 or WowApp group!
Thank you & Good luck.

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