Office Equipment

Every business needs to think about the types of equipment their company needs in order for their employees to do their job properly. Office equipment helps in managing office-related work and makes your day to day tasks run smoothly.

Office equipment is usually overlooked, but essential. The right and necessary equipment should be available for every employee so they can work productively and efficiently.

Not only will employees benefit from good quality equipment, but it will also benefit your business image. The right office supplies sends out a positive message to clients and partners.

In this lesson, you will learn office equipment vocabularies.

File cabinet; Desk; Stapler; Staples; Hole punch; Thumbtack; Binder clip; Pushpin; Paper clip; Plastic paper clip; Rubber bands; Glue stick; Scotch tape; Tape; Water cooler; Water bottle; Clock; White board; Bulletin board; Copier; Desk organiser; Note; Calendar; Meeting; Clipboard; Carbon paper; Briefcase; Projector; Calculator; Folder; Waste basket.

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