Let’s Learn English: Some and Any

Let’s Learn English: Some and Any

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Woodward English (SOME and ANY in English – Grammar Lesson)

A and AN

We use A/AN (articles) with singular countable nouns.

  • My brother has a dog and my sister has a cat.
  • There is an accident on the corner.

A is used when the next word starts with a consonant sound.

  • A book
  • A guitar
  • A friend
  • A university (The start of the word university sounds like YOU, a consonant sound).

AN is used when the next word starts with a vowel sound.

  • An apple
  • An ice-cream
  • An orange
  • An hour (the letter H in this word is silent so it sounds like it starts with a vowel).

Some and Any

Some digunakan dalam kalimat positif. Some bisa digunakan untuk benda countable dan uncountable nouns. Some tidak digunakan pada kalimat negatif atau tanya.
I have some friends.
We bought some coffee.
There are some grapes on the table.
My brothers buy some chairs.

Perlu diketahui bahwa, jika kita menggunakan some untuk benda yang bisa dihitung (countable nouns ), maka benda tersebut haruslah berbentuk jamak/ plural.
Benar : Tini has some books
Salah : Tini has some book.
Benar : Nick and I have some pens.
Salah : Nick and I some pen.

Bila setelah kata some kita meletakkan kata benda yang tidak bisa dihitung/uncountable noun, maka kata benda tersebut jangan ditambah “s/es”.
Benar : There is some salt in the kitchen.
Salah : There is some salts in the kitchen.
Benar : I need some water.
Salah : I need some waters.

  • Ingat, some tidak boleh dipakai dalam kalimat berbentuk negatif, ataupun pada kalimat tanya.
  • Namun untuk menawarkan sesuatu (offer) dan juga permintaan (request), kita perlu memakai kata some dalam kalimat tanya.

Would you like some oranges? (offer)
Can I have some tea? (request)
Would you like some milk?
Can I borrow some money?

Any dipakai hanya dalam kalimat negatif dan kalimat tanya/interrogative. Dalam kalimat tanya ataupun negatif tidak diperbolehkan memakai some, sama halnya dengan kata any tidak boleh diletakkan dalam kalimat positif. Setelah any, kita bisa meletakkan countable atau uncountable nouns. Bila kata benda tersebut adalah kata benda yang bisa dihitung/countable noun dan lebih dari satu, maka kata benda itupun harus berbentuk jamak/plural.
Benar : I don’t have any Math books.
Salah : I don’t have any Math book.
Benar : Do they need any knives?
Salah : Do they need any knife?
There isn’t any bread left
Do you have any money?
Is there any sugar?

We use some in positive statements.
We use any in negative statements.
We use any in questions.

Conversation 1
Store clerk: Do you need
any help?
Customer: Do you have
any thumb drives?
Store clerk: We have
some 32 gigabyte drives.
Store clerk: No, sorry. We don’t have
any bigger drives.

Conversation 2
Store clerk: We have
some great smartphones.
Customer: Do you have
any tablets with Wi-Fi?

Conversation 3
Customer: Do you have
any boxes that are not too expensive?
Store clerk: We don’t have
any cheap ones left.

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