Blueprints Final Test (STIE 66 Kendari)

Final Test Blueprints (English Business – STIE 66 Kendari)

Hi everyone, I’m going to give you the blueprints for the FINAL Test. Please, read carefully and happy learning!

  1. Simple Present & To be
  2. Ordinal & Cardinal Numbers
  3. There is… & There are…
  4. Present Continuous
  5. Days, Months, Dates
  6. Some & Any
  7. Bank Vocabularies
  8. Office Equipment

Prosedures in Final Test:

  1. Prepare your Smartphone, Kahoot! and Internet Connection!
  2. Make sure that your smartphone is in fully charged!
  3. Please bring your headset/earphone!
  4. Wait for the administer to give you the PIN in order to start the test!
  5. No Cheating!

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