Blueprints Final Examination (STIE 66 Kendari)

Final Examination Blueprints (English Business – STIE 66 Kendari)

Hi everyone, I’m going to give you the blueprints for the FINAL Examination. Please, read carefully and happy learning!

  1. What is Business (What is definition of Business?)
  2. Bank Vocabularies (What does PIN & ATM stand for?)
  3. Economic Vocabularies (Definition of economics, barter, goods, services, supply, demand, profit)
  4. How to change basic English into Business English (Got; Need some help; Get in touch; Make sure; Give the travel plans)
  5. The 7 P’s of Marketing
  6. Soft Skills
  7. Function of Managers
  8. Achievement
  9. Charts, Graphs and Diagram in the presentation

Prosedures in Final Test:

  1. Prepare your Smartphone, Kahoot! and Internet Connection!
  2. Make sure that your smartphone is in fully charged!
  3. Wait for the administer to give you the LINK in order to start the test!
  4. No Cheating!

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